Zaffronia Grill Goes Dark

Zaffronia Grill is Westport’s latest restaurant casualty.

I’m embarrassed to say I don’t know the type of cuisine it served.  I never heard anyone talk about it, never saw it advertised — perhaps that was part of its problem.  I don’t know when it arrived, or when it left.

Right now it’s one more dark space — across the street from the long-running but now long-gone Peppermill.  The 2 storefronts next to Zaffronia — Westport Delicatessen and Shanghai Gourmet — are still open, despite a dozen or so delis and Chinese places within a half mile or so.

Good luck to all those spots.  I would not want to own a restaurant — of any kind — in Westport today.

Zaffronia Grill, Westport CT

5 responses to “Zaffronia Grill Goes Dark

  1. I never went there but I’ve heard about it. It served Iranian food

  2. You missed a good one, it was awesome Persian food, huge servings and very delicious. They made a lamb shank that was to die for.

  3. jeffrey crowne

    it was quite good and unusual , sry to see it go, the restaurant business is so tough here now

  4. Zaffornia had excellent food. I will crave it forever now.