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Very Inn-teresting

Downtown Westport CT

What a view!  If you were looking for lodging in Westport, and saw this on a website — as I did — wouldn’t it make you want to book a room at the Inn at National Hall, the handsome building smack in the center of the photo?

Sure.  Unfortunately, this shot serves as the centerpiece of the website for the Westport Inn, a decidedly different establishment several miles east.  Guests there gaze out upon a pediatrician’s office, gas station and Goodwill.

This elastic view of reality reminds me of an ad a few years ago for space at the Gorham Island office building — located coincidentally just behind where the photographer stood to take the photo above.

The artist got a bit carried away depicting the glories of the Saugatuck River.  There, gliding majestically past the suddenly non-intrusive glass building, was a 3-masted schooner.

Must have been real low tide underneath the Post Road bridge that day.

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