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UPS Store Delivers Customer Service

Don, the very efficient, helpful and friendly manager of the Westport UPS Store near Dunkin' Donuts.

FedEx still delivers to — but no longer picks up at — the UPS Store next to Dunkin’ Donuts.

That confounds workers and patrons alike.  “We turn away FedEx business every day,” says Don, the manager.  But it didn’t stop him from going above and beyond this morning, helping me ship a package.

It had to be FedEx, because the recipient had supplied me with a pre-paid mailing label.  Don took a UPS bag, folded it inside out, tucked my shipment into it, sealed it, applied the label, then gave me directions to the nearest FedEx drop box.

He got nothing for his time and effort, beyond the satisfaction of doing a good deed, and my heartfelt thanks.

Plus a nice — and completely unexpected — plug for the 606 Post Road East UPS Store on “06880.”

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