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AT&T: Customer Service, Soviet-Style

iPhone 3GSI’m ready to upgrade to the new iPhone GS.  But I’ve got a couple of questions, so I called the Fairfield AT&T store, where I got my (now obsolete) first-generation iPhone.

A perky voice said all staff members were busy assisting other customers.  I had 3 options:

I hit ol’ reliable “0” for operator.  No go.  I was hurled back to the original menu.

So AT&T — the company that promises “sophisticated solutions for multi-national businesses,” and which for over a century has “consistently provided innovative, reliable, high-quality products and services and excellent customer care” — can’t figure out how to let customers stay on the line, and wait for human help.

Although I’m sure if they found a way to do it and bill me, they would.

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