Building Castles In The Sand

Go pound sand.

That’s the advice of the Interfaith Housing Association.  On Saturday, May 16, the IHA hopes hundreds of Westporters will come to Compo and do just that.

Well, they’d really like you to turn that sand into castles, kings, cabbages — whatever you, your friends and colleagues can create.

A previous year's Buddha (Photo by Larry Untermeyer)

The cliche “fun for all ages!” really rings true.

This is the 8th annual “Castles in the Sand” event, and everyone who has participated before knows it’s a blast.  There’s a great spirit of spontaneity and improvisation, plus a dash of competition.

The sculptures don’t last long — thanks to nature, they soon turn back into piles of sand — but the doing-good part does.
Your purchase of a big lot (10′ x 10′ — ideal for individuals, small families and small groups; $100) or a really big one (20′ x 20′ — great for extended families and larger gangs; $300) helps fund IHA’s tremendous, under-the-radar work providing shelter, food and social services to homeless people in our community.
Helping the homeless, it turns out, really can be a day at the beach.

(To register, click here or call 203-226-3426, ext. 10)


Sizing up the competition (Photo by Larry Untermeyer)

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