The Westport Weston Family Y has thrown in the towel, “06880” has learned.

According to inside sources, the organization is abandoning its decade-long pursuit of a new building at Mahackeno.  Instead, after leaving its Church Lane location within a year, the Y will consolidate operations at a variety of sites around town.

Swim and cardio programs, for example, will move to Staples High School. “Granted, the fitness center there is much smaller than what we’ve got now,” Y CEO Robert Reeves said.  “But the pool is adequate, I think.”

The Y would have access to Staples facilities only when the high school is not using them — including after-school events. “It’s not the best solution,” Reeves admitted.  “But tough times call for desperate measures.”

Basketball and gymnastics programs will be held in the Assumption Church gym on Riverside Avenue.  Years ago, it was used by a parochial school.

Yoga and other classes will be sub-contracted to private fitness centers around town.  Child care may be handled by the Staples child development classes, if scheduling problems can be worked out.

Several Y offerings, such as squash and racquetball, may end if no suitable sites can be found, Reeves acknowledged.

“Obviously, some details remain to be worked out,” the CEO said.  “But we are committed to making this work soon — by next April 1, at the latest.”

For further details of the plan, click here.

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