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21st Century Success And…

Saturday’s “Community Conversation” was rich and insightful. Dozens of Westporters — executives, students, retirees, town employees, educators, you name it — spent hours exploring the skills Westport youngsters will need to live personally and professionally fulfilling lives.

Debate was intense, but participants felt stimulated and empowered.  They left the event eager to help our schools, families, and religious and civic institutions work together to meet the immense challenges of the  future.

I heard only one complaint.  A participant said:  “Our 21st century conversation had a 19th century result.  When all the groups came together, we wrote our ideas on a flip chart.”

If only someone had videotaped the event, then posted it online for the world to see.  Or podcasted it.  Or created a “Community Conversation blog,” so all those superb ideas could be shared and spread.

It’s a shame such a great event was lost to history.  The future belongs to the young, but the conversation is everyone’s.

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