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Sewage And The Shores

Betty Lou Cummings gets excited about anything Westport.  The library.  History.  Sewers.

No, I’m not full of it.  The former second selectman/lifelong cheerleader, just returned from 8 days in Maui, happily segues from lanais to sewer lines. Her island home of42 years — Saugatuck Shores — has never had sewers.  But recently the Board of Finance unanimously approved a request for them.  The RTM votes next, on April 7.

“We’ve fought for this for 20 years,” Betty Lou said.  “Some neighbors didn’t want a pump station near them, but thank god for (first selectman) Gordon Joseloff, (Public Works director and assistant) Steve Edwards and Bryan Thompson, and (RTM member) Judy Starr.”

What will sewers mean to Saugatuck Shores?

“In the spring, the lilacs and sea smell great,” Betty Lou explained.  “But during the rainy season, it’s like stinky Venice.  And you know, all this ‘stuff’ now goes into the Sound.”

Betty Lou is a true-blue Republican, but her new sewer made her sound like a socialist.  “We’re paying for it, but I call this our WPA project,” she said. “We’re putting people to work!”

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