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Saying Goodbye To Summer

Sure, there’s another weekend left in August — plus the “official” end of summer, Labor Day.

But a week from today, the kids will already be back to school. Our minds will focus on many different things.

The days grow shorter. The nights are cooling down.

But before the sun set today, Compo Beach was packed. The sky was blue, the clouds almost comically puffy.

What a great way to spend what’s left of Summer 2015.

Compo Beach - Sunday August 23 2015


Anyone For Pickleball?

Very quietly — without any fanfare or even publicity — Westport added 2 pickleball courts right next to the Compo Beach skate park.

They’re in a previously unused area of the parking lot. Yesterday, they got plenty of action.


Meanwhile, around the corner by the cannons, life was a little slower:

Comp Beach - August 16, 2015 - 2

Compo Beach - August 16, 2015


One Day Closer To The End Of Summer…

…but what a great day it was!

(Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

(Photo/Betsy P. Kahn)

Just 2 Weeks Left Till The 1st Day Of School…

…so enjoy it while you can! (Click on or hover over each photo to enlarge.)

Mike Elliot's dog is not in Kansas anymore. But she's been in a production of "Wizard of Oz." Guess what role?

Mike Elliot’s dog is not in Kansas anymore.

All that's missing: food and guests.

All that’s missing: food and folks.

South Beach never gets old.

South Beach never gets old.

And it didn't even rain here!

And it didn’t even rain here!

Party On The Sandbar!

Today was the greatest in a series of spectacular summer Sundays: blue skies, perfect temperature, no humidity.

And at midday the tide was very, very low.

Greg Zola and Mark Leondires couldn’t have asked for better conditions for their annual Sandbar party.

The Compo Hill couple hauled pizzas, salads, fruit and cookies onto the Old Mill tidal flats. A few dozen neighbors and friends joined them and their young sons.

It was 4 hours of great fun, and spectacular views. It would have gone longer — but you know what they say about time and tide…

Party-goers walked from Old Mill beach out to the sandbar. But they had to wear shoes.

Party-goers walked from Old Mill beach out to the sandbar. But they had to wear shoes.

How low was the tide? Well...

How low was the tide? Well…

Dogs are supposed to be on leash at all Westport beaches in the summer. But a wide-open sandbar beckoned...

Dogs are supposed to be on leash at all Westport beaches in the summer. But a wide-open sandbar beckoned…

Greg and Mark invited a great mix of people to their sandbar party.

Greg and Mark invited a great mix of people to their sandbar party.

Tommy Bahama nailed it.

Tommy Bahama nailed it.

Just Another Boring Day In Westport

Cotton candy clouds at Sherwood Mill Pond. (Click or hover over to enlarge.)

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

(Photo/Fred Cantor)

Intriguing Real Estate Trends: 2050 Estimate Now Available

The good news is: By 2050, Westport will have plenty of new waterfront property.

The bad news: Current waterfront property will be worthless. It will sit underwater.

Want to check out if you’re a winner or loser? Head to Climate Central. They’ve spent 2 years developing interactive maps for coastal states. You can see — if you dare — estimates of areas vulnerable to flooding from combined sea level rise, storm surge and tides, or to permanent submergence by long-term sea level rise.

The site also offers reams of statistics. But the maps are the money shots.

2050 Westport coastal map

This is a very pretty map. Until you realize that blue represents water. Nearly everything south of the Post Road could be submerged. And look how far over its banks the Saugatuck River flows. Hover over or click to enlarge.

The above map is based on a 2-degree Celsius average rise in temperature.

Virtually everything south of 95 is gone. So is all of downtown, as the Saugatuck River surges over its banks.

Alert “06880” reader Glenn Payne — who we can thank (or blame) for sending the link along — notes:

While the attached is somewhat alarmist (it shows all land within 20 feet of high tide underwater), and the timing is likely beyond most readers, it does paint a very different picture of Westport sometime in the future. While some may be relieved that their house has not been submerged, their commute will be challenged, as I-95 will be.

He poses some interesting questions:

  • What is Westport without a beach and downtown?
  • Who pays the bills if the biggest taxpayers (Nyala Farms, Beachside homes) are not there?
  • And who lives in the rest of Westport if much of Manhattan (and the financial district) is gone?

So don’t sweat the details of the new downtown plan. Who cares if there’s a new traffic pattern at the beach. Neither will be around forever.

But until then, be careful where you park. “06880” will move to higher ground. We’ll still be watching.

Welcome to Westport!

Welcome to Westport!

(To see the interactive Westport map, click here. For Climate Central’s “Surging Seas” page, click here.) 

It Doesn’t Get Better Than This

This summer’s weather is our reward for last winter.

A lazy, casual Friday set the scene for an equally gorgeous Saturday. Compo Beach was fairly empty this morning, but ready for a very active weekend.

Sunday may bring thunderstorms. Right now though, we’re taking it one glorious day at a time.

Compo 2 - July 2015

Compo 3 - July 2015

Compo - July 2015

Meanwhile, the Coast Guard paid a visit. Hopefully, it was just to enjoy the beauty and serenity of a perfect Friday in Westport.

Compo 4 Coast Guard - July 2015

Sweet Saugatuck

Some people might see this as a perfect summer afternoon: relaxing at the plaza by Saugatuck Sweets.

Others might see the cellphone and the I-95 bridge.

What do you think? Is the ice cream cone half empty, or half full?

Lazy hazy days

Where’s Harry Potter When You Need Him?

Photo — and headline — of today’s brief but intense thunderstorm, courtesy of alert “06880” reader Jim Hardy:

May 31 2015 storm - by Jim Hardy

Meanwhile, a couple of miles away, Patricia McMahon captured this scene at Compo Beach:

STorm - May 31, 2015 - Patricia McMahon