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Really, Cablevision?!

Last night, I was one of more than 700 Westport customers who lost power, because it was windy.

It was restored about 3 hours later (thanks, CL&P!).

When I got home this afternoon, there was a voicemail from Cablevision. My internet should be working, they told me — not that it was their fault, they added — but if it wasn’t, I should try to reboot.

And if I didn’t know how to do that, I should just go to

I checked the date. Today is October 23.

Not April 1.

Cablevision logo


Staples High School: Old And New

Staples High School is an ultra-modern school. Built less than 10 years ago, it works very well in the 21st century.

But Staples is also 128 years old. It started out on Riverside Avenue in 1884. Over 70 years later — in 1958 — it moved to North Avenue. Those 9 separate units were eventually merged into 1, in 1981.

Our high school has stood the test of time well. The original lintel now serves as the main sign at the entrance. Trees planted nearly 60 years ago flourish. And — set back from the road — the new building will stand for decades to come.

Staples High School lintel

Staples HS - autumn

It’s Not Politically Correct To Thank Christopher Columbus, But…

…if not for him in 1492, we might not be here to enjoy this in 2014:

Beach - October 12 2014

Beach 1 - October 12 2014

Happy Columbus Day!

Positano’s: The Prequel

Peter Jones posted a fascinating photo on Facebook today (and David Pogue provided some touch-up magic to it):

Cafe de la plage - Pogue touchup

It shows the corner of Compo Hill Road and Hillspoint, during Hurricane Carol in 1954.

What is today Positano’s was then called Joe’s Store.

Peter wrote: “Notice the waves hitting Old Mill Beach. After Hillspoint Road was washed out, the town rebuilt and enlarged the jetty at Schlaet’s Point and reinforced the embankment at Hillspoint Road with HUGE boulders, creating sort of a Stonehenge effect.”

Darlene Bora added: “My mom always told me the pillars had been cut down at the bottom of Compo Hill Road (she grew up on Sterling Drive). I never saw them before today.”

Joe’s Store was there in 1954. Cafe de la Plage was there in 1984. Positano’s is there in 2014.

Now though, there’s no telling what that corner will look like — in good weather, and bad — in 2015.

Marine Police Make A “Swell” Save

Today’s Westport Historical Society kayak trip to Cockenoe Island was not exactly a day at the beach. WHS executive director Sue Gold writes:

Our 5th annual trip was hardly smooth rowing, as we quickly found out once we were a half mile offshore.

The swells were high, even though no boats were in sight. We were about 25 strong, but although the spirit was willing, Mother Nature was not.

The scene from a previous Westport Historical Society kayak trip to Cockenoe Island. This year's weather was less pleasant.

The scene from a previous Westport Historical Society kayak trip to Cockenoe Island. This year’s weather was less pleasant.

Our 2-person kayak was overwhelmed by relentless waves. Though both of us are strong and seasoned boaters, we were captive to the water that quickly filled our boat. We were forced to evacuate, fortunately onto a nearby sandbar.

We were like drowned rats, cold and shivering in the water with a boat we had no way to bail out. Peter Jennings expertly handled his safety boat to get us out of the water, but it was Bob Myer of the Westport Marine Police Unit who saved the day.

He got the kayak in his motor boat, pulled us on board, covered me with a medical blanket (my teeth were chattering), and got us back to the marina safe and sound. He then went out and rescued others on the tour as well.

Everyone got back safely. We applaud the Westport Police Department, who are there in a heartbeat to provide the most caring, compassionate and exceptional service to all in need.

One of the Westport Police Marine Unit's 2 boats. (Photo/

One of the Westport Police Marine Unit’s 2 boats. (Photo/

PS: Once we got back and my partner tossed me the car keys from the boat — well, they never made it into my hands. They now lie on the bottom of the Sound.

Fortunately, a diver overheard our dilemma and said he’s happy to take a look next week and fetch them for us. The giving never stops.

Hail, Yes: In The Wake Of Today’s Storm

From Green’s Farms to Saugatuck Shores, today’s quick but very intense storm produced some amazing images.

Plus plenty of downed wires.

As of 7:15 p.m., over 400 Westport CL&P customers were without power.

This was the scene on Hyde Lane, between Long Lots and Maple Avenue. With the downed transformer, outages were reported throughout the Hunt Club area:

(Photo/Nick Blaikie)

(Photo/Nick Blaikie)

Nearby, this tree on Long Lots road near Peabody Lane blocked traffic — though a neighbor tried to help:

(Photo/Randall Hammond)

(Photo/Randall Hammond)

Several miles away, a tree on Great Marsh Road — across from the Saugatuck Harbor Yacht Club — was split by lightning:

September 6 2014 storm - tree hit lightning Great Marsh Road

A car was struck by a falling tree near Southport. Fortunately, no one was hurt:

September 6 2014 storm - Dale Najarian car

John Kantor, owner of Longshore Sailing School, reports: “No hail on the immediate coast, but big time rain and some strong gusts. We chain down our boats for weather like this so they don’t leave our zip code, but it didn’t prevent a capsize or two. No damage. Just a pulse raiser. After Irene and Sandy this was a relatively minor inconvenience.”

(Photo/John Kantor)

(Photo/John Kantor)

Bart Shuldman took this photo, as rain and hail pelted down:

(Photo/Bart Shuldman)

(Photo/Bart Shuldman)

Meanwhile, the Sasco construction site near Super Stop & Shop was awash:

(Photo/Steve Rubin)

(Photo/Steve Rubin)

More thunderstorms are possible tonight. Be careful out there.

Did It Rain? Hail, Yeah!

This afternoon’s brief but intense thunderstorm — with quarter-sized hail — caused havoc in pockets of Westport.

Trees are down, and there’s local flooding.

Rich Stein took these photos. Here’s the scene where Evergreen Avenue intersects North Compo Road:

Evergreen and North Compo September 6 2014And this was a stuck Mini Cooper at Myrtle Avenue, near the Post Road:

September 6 2014 storm - Rich Stein

Jeb Backus took this photo of extensive Post Road flooding in front of Geiger’s, near Morningside:

Morningside flooded - Jeb Backus

Here is David Conneely’s video, from his 2nd-floor iFloat facility on Main Street:

A severe thunderstorm watch is in effect until 9 p.m. tonight.

Meanwhile, if you’ve got any photos from today’s wild weather, send ‘em along.

Hallmark Does Not Sell Labor Day Cards…

…but if they did, this shot — taken earlier today at Compo Beach — might be a great one for Westport.

Compo Beach on Labor Day

If you sent this to someone, what would your message be?

Happy Labor Day!

Today’s weather wasn’t perfect.

But nearly all of the summer of 2014 was.

And after a brief storm this later afternoon the sun came out, just in time for the final Sunday of summer.

Happy Labor Day

(Photo/Paul Curtis)


This Summer Did Not Bite

Alert “06880” reader Dick Lowenstein wonders:

Where have all the insects gone? Am I alone in thinking that there are few bugs flying around?

This year and last, the stinging insects seem to have disappeared — fewer hornets, wasps, yellow jackets  and bees. Also fewer mosquitoes (maybe because of less rain).

Dick says a friend noticed fewer butterflies too.

Did you notice the lack of bugs and stinging insects? Or was this summer’s weather just so fantastic, we didn’t care?

Click “Comments” below to share your entomological thoughts.