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See Ya, Summer

It’s been a fantastic summer: No heat wave. No oppressive humidity. No power-outaging thunderstorms (knock wood).

It was, in other words, a great reward for a very tough winter.

But — like every summer — it raced by. School starts Monday.

Stacy Waldman Bass took this photo today, at Compo Beach. Already, it seems, we’ve said goodbye to Summer 2014.

Compo Beach by Stacy Waldman Bass

Super Sunday, Super Moon

Mark Edwards took this shot tonight at Compo Beach. A lone swimmer is bathed by the light of the “super moon.”

Super moon - Mark Edwards

Quite a way to end a gorgeous, sun-filled weekend.

Timing Is Everything: Part 2 [Update]

[At 9 p.m., Bart Shuldman reports: "The lines are live, and creating quite an issue. CL&P cannot get to us to turn them off. Police are blocking the road as the power lines can snap while live, and create a real issue."]

Jeb Backus wasn’t the only Westporter with a close call in today’s sudden thunderstorm.

Here’s the scene on Broadview Road, captured by Bart Shuldman:


Once again, those trees look great, until…


Timing Is Everything

Jeb Backus was on his way to get a haircut late this afternoon, when he ran into a sudden thunderstorm.

This happened right in front of him, at the Westport-Norwalk line:

Westport-Norwalk line

Before he even got to the barber, he had the closest shave of his life.


Who Goes To The Beach On A Cloudy, Cool Sunday?

Sunday at the beach

Whatever Floats Your Boat

Today was the most beautiful day of the year.

It might have been the most fantastic day of the decade. Or the entire Cenozoic Era.

The only Westporters not outside were dead. Thousands of folks swarmed the beach — and hundreds more were on the water.

Which makes this scene so puzzling:

Compo Beach Marina

At 2 pm, the marina was filled with boats that were not going anywhere.

They are notoriously expensive and time-consuming. (“You don’t own a boat,” the saying goes. “It owns you.”)

So if all those people didn’t want to take their boats out on the most beautiful day in the history of the galaxy — well, when do they use them?


Auntie Em! Auntie Em!

At first glance, Bobby Hudson’s photo looks like Compo’s South Beach was Photoshopped with the mountains of a Caribbean island.

(Photo/Bobby Hudson)

(Photo/Bobby Hudson)

At second glance, it’s all Compo.

Those “mountains” are storm clouds that rolled in — quickly and ominously — this evening.

Here’s another view — from Saugatuck Shores, by Stacy Waldman Bass:

(Photo/Stacy Waldman Bass)

(Photo/Stacy Waldman Bass)

Those are some serious clouds.

As the saying goes: “Mother Nature bats last.”



Remember Last Winter, When It Snowed Every Day And We Thought Summer Would Never Come?

Well, today made up for every one of those frigid, miserable days.

Compo Beach



Dogwood Lane

May Day! May Day!

It’s May 1, so that means one thing:

Compo Beach is open.

Well, it’s always open. But as of today, you need a sticker.

Early this morning, trusty Parks and Rec employees Theresa Cuseo and Don Nazzaro were at the entrance, making sure people had emblems (and did not have dogs).

May 1 beach

But watch where you walk. Parks and Rec’s great crew has not yet completed its cleanup from yesterday’s monsoon.

Photos/Chip Stephens

Photos/Chip Stephens

Right now it’s foggy and damp. But skies will clear this afternoon, and the temperature will reach 70.

With the weather we’ve had, many folks haven’t thought about beach stickers. To order online, click here.