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The Baseball-Playing Dude In Front Of Oscar’s REALLY Wants Spring To Arrive

(Photo/Marcy Sansolo)

(Photo/Marcy Sansolo)

Andy Yemma Has The Best Snow Gauge In The History Of Weather

Andy Yemma

It’s Friday, March 20.

The snow continues to fall.

We’ll drink to that!


It’s the 1st day of spring.


Just kill me now.

1st day of spring 2015

As The Fog Settles In…

…Betsy P. Kahn makes Compo Cove look more like a painting than a photo.

Old Mill fog - Betsy P. Kahn

Thanks To Daylight Savings Time…

…we have an extra hour to appreciate scenes like this:

Beach scene - Betsy P Kahn

Betsy P. Kahn captured these fantastic colors earlier this afternoon, on Hillspoint Road near “Fiona’s Island.”

Only 10 days to the start of spring…

Bogey’s Is Back!

The good news: Bogey’s — the popular, casual North Main Street restaurant/bar that fell victim to Hurricane Irene’s 2011 floodwaters — is reopening.

The bad news: It’s not in Westport anymore.

The good news: It’s not far away. The new location — where doors open later this week — is 2 Wilton Avenue, Norwalk. That’s a mile south of Stew Leonard’s, straight down the hill.

The owners are the same: Jim and John Stablein.

The ambiance will be just as great too.

Even the logo’s the same:



Spring Ahead!

There is light at the end of the tunnel.

This Saturday night, we turn our clocks ahead one hour.

Daylight Savings Time is here. That pile of snow outside, which won’t melt until Memorial Day?

Just an illusion.

Daylight Saving

The Only One On The Road

John Hooper snapped this photo earlier this morning, on his way to open up Christie’s Country Store.

March 5, 2015 - John Hooper

It’s a beautiful shot. But we’d like it so much more if today’s date was January — not March — 5.


Westport To Mother Nature: You Win!

We give up! Uncle!


And no, that is not just a white background.

It’s our !@#$%^&* back yard.

A New Test For Westport’s Crack Drivers

To the long list of snow, ice and enormous, unseeable-around piles of congealed schmutz, add this hazard for winter drivers:

Cross Highway

That was the scene earlier today on Cross Highway. There are more cracks, potholes and buckled roads all around town.

That’s what happens when plows, salt and ice all come together, day after day after day.

The good news is: More snow is coming. So this will all be covered up again soon!