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Finally, A Perfect Parking Job

Little car

The Saddest Estate Sale Ever

On the face of it, there’s nothing remarkable about the sign for this estate sale:

Estate sale

Any Westporter knows it refers to an event in the Gault Park section of town, off Cross Highway.

But if you’re not from here, it takes on a whole different meaning.

(Hat tip to Bruce Borner, for first posting this sign on Facebook.)

Andy Yemma Thought About Tweeting This Photo…

…but realized that “06880″ readers would appreciate the photo more (if not the pun).


The robins’ nest is in a hemlock bush in his backyard. Mixing cartoon characters, the family named the fledgings Sleepy, Grumpy and Goofy.

Spring has definitely sprung!

Connecticut: A Very Moving State

About half of Connecticut’s residents would move to a different state — if only they had the chance.

That’s the result of a Gallup poll, taken for god knows what reason and passed along by alert “06880″ reader (and longtime Nutmeg State resident) Andy Yemma.

The 49% wanna-get-out results compare to a 33% national average. The only state with less satisfied residents is Illinois, where 50% of the folks would move if they could.

Three very different states had the most satisfied people: Hawaii, Maine and Montana. Only 23% of those residents wanted to flee.


Hartford radio station WNPR — which reported this story — quoted UConn economist Fred Carstensen (hey, why not?) as allowing that residents in coastal Connecticut are probably satisfied, what with our close access to New York City, lots of local cultural attractions, and strong sense of place.

However, he noted, “If you are in central Connecticut, [like] Hartford, Waterbury — the I-84 corridor — I suspect you would be thinking about moving.” 

So what do you think, “06880″ residents? (And those who live elsewhere.)

Would you move away if you could? Why or why not? Did you come here by choice? Have you actually moved away? Would your answer be different if you lived in Waterbury?

Click “Comments” to respond. Please use your full, real name.

And zip code.



Whats In A Name?

You would think that a certain amount of care and checking goes into the manufacture of street signs throughout Westport.

But you would be wrong.

Setting aside the lack of standardization — there must be half a dozen styles of signs on public roads, plus the hundreds of private ones — there are also instances in which even the people who live somewhere must be confused.

Consider Sipperley’s Hill/Sipperleys Hill Road. (Which, I am sure, most Westporters think of as “Slippery Hill.”)

Sipperleys collage

Or Hillspoint/Hills Point. (Which, I think, was actually named for a family called Hill, not the geographic feature heading toward the beach. That means neither rendering is correct; instead it should be Hill’s Point, right?)

Hillspoint collage

Now look closely at the sign above, on the right. It says Greens Farms Road. There’s an ongoing debate which is correct: that, or Green’s Farms.

Whichever side is right, I know the one below is dead wrong:

Green Farms Road


(Hat tip to Bruce Nemirow — who actually lives in Norwalk.)

As Warm Weather Arrives…

…it’s always a good idea to walk your unicycle across the street.


Hat tip to JP Vellotti for the photo and text.

It Only Takes A Minute, Man, To Get Ready For Easter

Minuteman Easter

(Photo/Hannah Persinger)

Help Solve Westport’s Latest Mystery

Back in the day, the downtown Saugatuck River bridge had toll gates.

For the past few decades – now called the Ruth Steinkraus Cohen Bridge — it’s been the site of anti-war protests.

These days, there’s something new there. But no one knows what.

An alert “06880″ reader sent this photo, of the south side of the bridge:

Post Road bridge

So what is it?

A way for the Downtown Steering Committee to measure river traffic?

Something the Saugatuck Rowing Club uses to tell scullers they’re near the bridge?

Or just another NSA tracking device?

If you know, or think you do — or want to hazard a wild guess — click “Comments” below.

The good news: The sky looks clear. No chemtrails.

Terrorizing Turkey

Today is Animal Day on “06880.”

Hot on the heels of an albino squirrel, we’ve got a wild turkey terrorizing Westport drivers.

Alert “06880″ reader Mark Jacobs took this photo this morning, near Birchwood Country Club:


Mark says he (the turkey) attacked half a dozen vehicles, pecking at tires.

It’s the same animal Mark saw (and photographed) earlier this month:

Turkey 2

Mark writes:

I contacted Westport Animal Control. They said the state has been informed, and will (eventually) relocate the bird. Unless someone runs him over first.

Apparently he is a regular highwayman. I’m curious what set him off.

Maybe a discourteous, entitled Westport driver flipped him the bird.

A Squirrelly Survivor

Mary Maynard sent this photo from Green’s Farms:

albino squirrel

She saw the albino squirrel last year too.

Defying all the natural selection odds, he — or she — is a survivor.