See Ya, Summer

It’s been a fantastic summer: No heat wave. No oppressive humidity. No power-outaging thunderstorms (knock wood).

It was, in other words, a great reward for a very tough winter.

But — like every summer — it raced by. School starts Monday.

Stacy Waldman Bass took this photo today, at Compo Beach. Already, it seems, we’ve said goodbye to Summer 2014.

Compo Beach by Stacy Waldman Bass

5 responses to “See Ya, Summer

  1. A really great shot!! I can just smell the beach – ahhhh.

  2. Confess to lovin’ the weather the past week. Cool air, warm sun, perfect sleeping weather, and great warm sun. AOK w/me!

  3. Not so fast! Plenty of time for chinook-like weather, i.e. Indian summer.

  4. What a wonderful photo…a little sad, foreboding. But Nancy, a glass-is-half-full girl, has saved the day with her reassurance that it’s not over yet!!

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