Picnic Table Plague Spreads

Once confined to Compo Beach’s South Beach grills, the plague of illegally saving picnic tables by planting tablecloths, plates and cutlery on top, then scurrying away for many hours, has spread to the brick pavilion next to Joey’s.

This was the scene at 9:30 this morning:

Picnic table

Two hours later, it was still a feast for ghosts.

On the upside, that is a really nice setup.

(Hat tip to Dick Lowenstein)

23 responses to “Picnic Table Plague Spreads

  1. Ann Marie Flynn

    Cool coverage, Dick. Wonder if THEY would have taken offense if some one else used it all.

  2. Maybe it’s a surprise party for a 06880 reader/commenter. If so, what would be the response?

    • No one is special. We have someone hanging out at our tables for the 06880 bash. Not hard to do.

      • Indeed, no one is special.
        Anyway, I’d like to donate my “free float” from Jamie Walsh to either the “owner” of this table or the “candid camera” photographer.
        Two for the price of one.

  3. Nancy, use the free float yourself. It’s a small slice of nirvana heaven.

    • No need to float, Holly. A thick skin grows here.
      Say, who did show up at that table? I hope it was a happy party!

  4. With approximately 300 out of town parking permits sold per Saturday and Sunday, chances are you’re going to have to find a way to get out-of-owners the information about not reserving tables through another venue because they probably don’t know this blog.

    • There are signs all over South Beach, and there’s one on the wall of the brick pavilion.

      • Oh dear. More signs.

      • I don’t know how many out of towers “reserve” tables, but I do know that if I had to pay $50 a day to go to a beach I would expect to find a table when it was time for lunch or dinner. As a resident I also expect to find a place to eat lunch or dinner on any given day that I go to the beach. Shouldn’t these kind of reasonable expectations be part of the current and future maintenance of Compo?

  5. Adam Schwartz '75

    Simply sit down and enjoy what someone took so much effort to try and deny you your right to sit at a table. Then leave a nice thank you note for leaving you such a nice table setting at the beach. Then maybe remind them it’s illegal to save spots at the beach….

  6. Bunch of whiners

  7. I recall a few times, back in the summers of mid 1980’s, and post college 90’s, when a group of us kids wanted to secure one of the south beach grills for a get-together. What we did was arrange to have at least one of us stay with the supplies at the table or grill, and alternate “watches”, if needed, depending on the timing and circumstances. We didn’t want to assume it would be cool to set up our stuff, then leave it unattended or unused for hours. I don’t recall if there were rules about holding tables back then, but we just felt it was the obvious and correct thing to do.
    Would be nice to see that kind of “non-specialness” exercised today, kids and adults alike, aye? Of course, I tend to think that most of us ARE attentive and aware enough to show basic common courtesy (and follow the rules). It’s just that so much of our attention tends to focus on the few that don’t.

    That was, however, a lovely, beachy, throw-away-plastics table setting (I’m just a tad bit worried about our environment lately). A potential party worthy of crashing perhaps? Get our land-fill’s worth. (Oops, off topic from me here, sorry).

  8. Lindsay Blackburn

    I was in the pavilion yesterday lunchtime, and saw the reserved picnic tables. The guests arrived around 2pm. Not only did the people use the two tables pictured, but also a table for drinks, a table for a photo display, and at least three other tables for the guests to sit at. Seven tables in total. All at a time when it was a scorching hot day, there was a line out the door at Joeys and there were plenty of people wanting to sit in the shade with their purchased food. Very inconsiderate I call it.

    Maybe the new plan for the beach could include a pavilion for party use? Or maybe the Westport Parks and Rec guys could enforce the ‘no reserving picnic tables’ rule as rigorously as they do the ‘no glass on the beach’ rule?

  9. Why not build more tables?

  10. These tables were saved following a memorial service dedicating a bench at the beach for a long time 59 year old Westport resident. Exceptions make the rule. Take a deep breath.

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